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The continent of Akavir, also known as "Dragon Land", is a landmass east of Tamriel. The two continents have a history of animosity towards each other, with Akavir invading Tamriel several times in the past and Tamriel invading Akavir at least once. Much of what is known about it in Tamriel is acknowledged to be incomplete or inaccurate.


No mer have ever lived there; the men that did live in Akavir were all "eaten" long ago by the Vampiric Serpent Folk of Tsaesci. There are four major nations on Akavir, each with its own race: Kamal, Tsaesci, Tang Mo and Ka Po' Tun.

Kamal is translated as "Snow Hell", and many armies of demons call it their home. Every summer they thaw out and attempt to invade Tang Mo, but are always driven back by the courageous monkey-folk who live there. Once Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal, a king among the demons, tried to invade and conquer Morrowind, but was destroyed by Almalexia and the Underking at Red Mountain.

Tsaesci is translated as "Snake Palace", and was once the strongest kingdom in Akavir. It is home to the Vampire Snake people who ate the men of Akavir long ago. They are described as beautiful, with golden scales, a human upper body and a snake like lower body. The goblin tribes of Akavir are their source of food and labor. Potentate Versidue-Shaie was a Tsaesci who ruled Tamriel in the second era for 400 years before being assassinated by the Morag Tong.

Tang Mo is translated as "The Thousand Monkey Isles". It is inhabited by many breeds of monkeys who are described as kind and brave. The other nations of Akavir have tried to enslave them at some point, but the monkeys can make armies if they must. They are apparently allies of the tiger people of Ka Po' Tun.

Ka Po' Tun is translated as the "Tiger-Dragon Empire". The inhabitants are a cat-like people and are ruled by the great ruler Tosh Raka, a tiger dragon. They are the greatest empire in Akavir, but are not skilled at fighting at sea. After the Serpent people ate the men, they tried to eat the dragons. They managed to make the red dragons slaves, but the black dragons fled to Po Tun. A great battle was fought, and it left both the cats and the snakes weak, and the dragons extinct. Since then, the cats have always tried to become dragons. Tosh Raka is the first and only so far to have accomplished this. Covered in orange and black scales, he is the largest dragon on Nirn, and it's believed that his eventual goal is to invade Tamriel.


Most Akaviri history is only known so far as it affects Tamriel, which means it is a story of conflict and violence, betrayal and intrigue. During time periods where they show no interest in Tamriel, they are thought to be fighting amongst themselves.

The exchange began with reports of pirates with strange features. Perhaps the earliest narrative concerning Akavir is The Story of Lyrisius, in which the eponymous General had his own army destroyed before going on to destroy the Akaviri army through other means. Thus, even the oldest tales from Akavir are about war.

The most famous and important interaction between the two continents concerns the Reman dynasty of Tamrielic emperors and their successors, the Akaviri Potentates. In 1E 2703, the forces of Akavir invaded Tamriel and were decisively defeated at Pale Pass by the army of Reman I. Reman's empire was also under threat from the Elves, and he agreed to allow the survivors of the disaster to remain in Tamriel and strengthen his army. They eventually rose to positions of power and in 1E 2920, the last year of the first era, Potentate of the Empire, Versidue-Shaie brought about the death of Reman III and his heir Prince Juilek and took the throne for himself. After his assassination by the Morag Tong in 2E 324, the empire passed to his son Savirien-Chorak who was in turn assassinated along with his heirs in 2E 430.

Next came an invasion of Akavir from Tamriel. At the height of his power in 3E 288, after twenty years of strategic preparation, Uriel Septim V launched an invasion of the continent and captured two cities, which he dubbed Septimia and Ionith. The enterprise ultimately came to utter ruin at the Battle of Ionith in 3E 290. Since then, the two continents have had little or no contact. The Nerevarine is thought to have gone on an expedition to Akavir, but has not been heard from since.

Recent History (Server Lore)Edit

After the end of the civil war in Skyrim, a peace treaty between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials was proposed and eventually secured, but a more dire conflict arose from the ashes of war. The treaty granted Skyrim its religious and governing freedoms from the control of the Empire. The Thalmor, however, who had an agreement with the Empire involving Skyrim's religious laws, declared open war against the Empire for breaking the original agreement. Negotiations fell out of control and the entire continent of Tamriel eventually fell into the conflict. War and chaos consumed most cities and territories until they were completely tearing each other apart. This war, along with the Dragon threat, brought endless dark days for the inhabitants of Tamriel and its provinces.

In the days just before the Great War, a trade route between the denizens of Tamriel and the Tang Mo (Monkey people) of Akavir was established. For as long as anyone could remember, it had always been a very dangerous journey to Akavir, but a brave group of experienced sailors laid out a safe route by sea to Akavir. After Tang Mo's several trade agreements with different Tamriel factions and provinces, the colony of Thanefall was eventually established along the Tang Mo borders in Akavir. The colony consisted of many of the different races of Tamriel. Very quickly it grew and eventually it became a city as it was able to secure nearby lands in Akavir, forming a small territory. A free trade market was the basis of government in Thanefall, but as populations continued to steadily grow, it became an independent state, separate from the Empire and the territories of distant Tamriel. Several forts and outposts were built near Thanefall and a small army was eventually formed as protection and a safe guard from the local threats.

80 years after the events of Skyrim, immigrants from all over Tamriel set off for Akavir. After hearing various rumors of rich lands and the many freedoms each citizen was declared, travelers found passage along the trade routes. Many of these immigrants were trying to escape the fires of war or simply wanted religious freedom and practice. Some even traveled in hope of gaining wealth and power from the ruins of the old Akavirian wars, but there were some that made the journey to Akavir for much greater purposes. Akavir was somehow calling to these few warriors, it beckoned them to make the perilous journey. What was this calling? What dangers and riches await these would-be adventurers? What causes and what peoples will they fight for? Will greed or honor write their future? Only the Elder Scrolls know.

Influences on TamrielEdit

The martial ability of the Akaviri soldiers had a strong influence on the military hierarchies of Tamriel. The Imperial Legion benefited from the superior organization and tactical knowledge of the Akaviri, and the political and legal systems of the Empire were both improved as well. It was an Akaviri, Dinieras-Ves, who first proposed what would become the Fighters Guild to his kinsman, the Potentate Versidue-Shaie. The Empire in general benefited from the influence of the sophisticated beastfolk.

The Akaviri who served under Reman Cyrodiil were dubbed the Dragonguard, as the Dragonborn Emperor's new shock troops were also renowned dragon-slayers. This Dragonguard was the direct predecessor of the Blades, who adopted Akaviri style for their weaponry and armor. Their headquarters, Cloud Ruler Temple, is also built in the Akaviri style.