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The Elder Scrolls VI: "Akavir" is a premium role-play server for Minecraft. Your journey begins in Akavir, the ancient "Dragon Land" east of Tamriel. As you enter these lands, you shape your future and possibly the future of Akavir itself. We are a 24/7 dedicated server with high-end specifications for optimized playability. We have added many role-play elements to the structure of our server to offer a truly immersive and authentic Elder Scrolls-meets-Minecraft experience. Our completely one of a kind map was built from the ground up with a healthy amount of creativity and with the Akavir lore in mind. In the end, we hope to bring an Elder Scrolls experience to Minecraft like never before. Welcome to Akavir.

What can I do in Akavir?

As you journey through Akavir, you will have many paths to choose. From a solider to a wealthy merchant, from an experienced mage to the leader of a great nation, you can forge a path that best suits your strengths and abilities. Battle will come in many forms, be it in corrupt arenas, the epic wilderness, or in massive battlefields. You will experience combat using your choice of role-play tactics or just good old fashion (basic mechanical) PvP combat. Join the ranks of the warrior and earn a living through fighting or rise through the ranks and strategize as the leader of a nation, race, guild, or even college. If economic gain is your niche, than start up a business of simple shop; grow in size and gain public favor to become the wealthiest person in all of Akavir! But be careful to keep your stocks supplied and prices fair as there is competition at your heels. If you can afford it, you can rent or buy housing, possibly even your own private plot of land in the location you desire! Even a few secluded islands are remain unclaimed. There are jobs aplenty as a Miner, Woodsman, Farmer, Merchant, Mercenary, Dungeon Looter, Monster Hunter and much more. And for the shadier types, you can be a Bandit, Assassin, or even just a general Thief... There are five major nations in Akavir, each with several recognizable guilds and land features; from the snowy glaciers of the north to the jungle-swamps of the south. Choose to play as any Tamriel race or play as one of our 4 new native (to Akavir) races! Our full world map releases gradually and in expansions, each with their own unique and interesting features. Our goal for this server was to make it easy to use and understand so you, the player, can jump right into the action. We don't require and mods or texture packs (but we have one just in case) so all you have to do is log in and play. We have a very dedicated community that is more than willing to teach proper role-play techniques so if you find yourself not knowing what to do in a given situation, there will surely be someone around to help. Hopefully with the help of the community and now you, our server will become that much greater.

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