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Balamus Vendal (totoofwar's Sketch of a Dunmer)

"He took two steps towards the fire, and planted his foot on the old mans shoulder, pressing him low to the ground. Then he swung his sword behind his head, and brought it down in a low arc, striking the wolf in from the center of its spine, to its neck. The wound was shallow, but it was enough to startle the wolf. With a yelp, it sprang away from the man, and ran off into the woods." - Balamus on the Road

Balamus Vendal, also called Ironfist, is a Dunmer Cavalryman. He was born in the village of Littleroot, somewhere south of Mournhold. His parents were stablemasters in the village, so Balamus was raised with a natural affinity to horses. Unfortunately, this meant that his experience with people suffered.


Balamus was born in a village south of Mournhold, called Littleroot. This village was the Feudal property of a minor Indoril Lord, and was frequently called upon to raise a Levy in the defense of Indoril territory. The specialty of this village was horses, which were renowned as the best bred in the region. The Vendal family owned a stable in Littleroot, and Balamus worked there until the mature age of twenty. He was then drafted into the Militia and served with distinction for the next fourty years, rising through the ranks until he commanded his own squadron of Cavalry.
At the age of 64, Balamus and his men were called upon to join a coalition force from all the major houses called "The Tear Reclamation Army", which was sponsored by House Redoran, and lead by a prince from the house. The army marched south to try to uproot the Argonians, but the campaign was met with disastrous failure. The Argonians, with the bloodlust provided by their hist gods, routed the Dunmer and pursued them all the way to Necrom, a necropolis that was bordered by the sea. The army was besiged there for a week, before the prince ordered Balamus and his men to sortie and attempt to destroy the seige equipment the Argonians were constructing.
In the end, Balamus was successful, but only he and a handful of his men survived. They were all captured, and later sold into slavery to a merchant ship in Tear. For years they served as galley slaves, their naturally long life spans and stronger constitutions making them ideal for the difficult task. Finally, when Balamus was one hundred and twenty years old, the son of his master was killed during a pirate raid and, in panic, his first mate freed the galley slaves to help the crew fight off the pirates.
Balamus, however, rallied the slaves and joined the pirates in slaughtering the crew, fueled by the hatred and indignity they had suffered for the past fifty six years. After it was over, the pirates took all of the valuables on the ship, and offered the slaves the chance to work for them. Balamus was the only one who refused, being entirely fed up with life at sea. The pirates dropped him off in Skyrim, and for the next twenty four years he wandered tamriel, sometimes serving as a mercenary, and sometimes spending years as a hermit in some forgotten corner of the world.
Eventually, after the four year colonization efforts on Akavir, Balamus heard the strange reports that were flooding back to the mainland. Sensing a unique opportunity, he chartered a ship and headed for Akavir.


Balamus was stripped of everything when he was sold. However, the captain of the ship he was sold to kept his sword, which had belonged to his father. When the ship was taken, Balamus recovered the sword, and now wears it on his hip.

Balamus also has a pair of saddlebags that he has tied to his belts.