The region inhabited by immigrants hailing from Tamriel is called, Thanefall. Two major cities are located in this region. In the south, Septimia is the capital city that is the port for almost all incoming immigrants. In the north, Valguard is the second largest city of Thanefall and is the garrison against most of the hostile inhabitants of Akavir. There are several other small settlements located throughout this region and most consider themselves apart of Thanefall.

As of the current Infernal Age.

Spetimia is empty and lava and unliveable conditions are around it. Valguard is in shambles, it could now be called the largest city though. Ionith is controlled by refugees and it was once the seat of power for Emperor Brutus. Abel Mon is controlled by a 16 year old girl know as Juillet, the daughter of the woman assassin who liked to work on her back a little too much for an assassin.


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Current State Of Septimia

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Current State Of Septimia

Septimia was refounded by the human immigrants after it was lost in the failed invasion of Emperor Uriel V hundreds of years prior. Immigrants from all over Tamriel flocked to Septimia and the village developed into a prosperous port city. Septimia eventually expanded across river due to the ever increasing population and most of the less fortunate (and reputable) inhabitants live on the southern half.

In the past year Septimia has been owned by various Courts and Leaders.

During the leadership of one Count and Countess know as Jacob Sliverblood and Colette, the city faced famine due to the burning of its crops and loss of trade with Tamriel and the East Empire Company leaving, a disease spread out through Lower Septimia and made many of the people there insane but they slowly starved to death and were killed by something described as a "hulking wolf".

Septimia then grew on to more foul times as the Countess was killed and a Oblivion Gate was opened in the city itself causing Daedra to pour out and into the city. 


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Current State of Valguard

Valguard was built on the northern end of Thanefall to guard the region against the impending threat of the Kamal and Ka Po Tun. Valguard was built in an effort to set a foothold on the region. Its strategically placed near the only pass to the eastern lands in the north.

The government is an emerging Republic of sorts, with a free-trade market and public run system in place. It is a new form of government that was started by the first merchants to keep the simple freedoms they found, away from the Empire. Due to the wars in Tamriel, this new nation is recognized by most and respected as such. Many imports Tamriel obtains is usually hailing from Akavir. Peace is kept with Thanefall but the trade routes to Tamriel are constantly fought over, for supplies and such, for current war efforts.

Valguards "Kargar"(The Orc King)  was killed during a imperial attack on the keep, then it was left in shambles as no one took up the throne to lead Valguard. It ran rather smoothly until the reign of Brutus and he was planning to take this city, but Valguard having no trust of their neighbours closed themselves within their walls and threatened to pour burning oil on the people who tried come close to their walls.

Then after the "Infernal Age" had hit Akavir, the city was flooded and wrecked, barely looking like its former self but there is hope for the city a Lord Regent has taken over..maybe Valguard will get a break.

Justice, the Helmet watches.