Deonir is his younger years.(Made by TheMinttu)

Deonir is a freedom loving Bosmer who hails from the dense jungles of Malabar Tor in Valenwood.


Early LifeEdit

Deonir was born in the western jungles of Valenwood called Malabar Tor. He was the son to Arenwil and Barendal. Arenwil was an alchemist and Barendal was the Grand Hunter of the clan Greenroot. The clan members spoke Bosmeris to each other and this is a reason why Deonir may have weird accent from time to time. Arilwil and Barendal were surprised when their only child had eyes as black as the void, just like his grandfather.

Life was peaceful in the clan, and Deonir was soon old enough to learn archery. He was lucky to have the best mentor in the clan: Barendal. Before Deonir's archery training he had only been hunting small game with rock slings and blow pipes with his friend Nivenar. Deonir learned quickly and proved himself to be an excellent archer and hunter. A few years later he also became an apprentice in Alchemy, mentored by his mother.

Deonir loved the free life and peaceful life in the clan but got suddenly an urge to travel. He wanted to travel Tamriel, just as his grandfather Deorin once did.(he was named after his grandfather) After a bit of persuasion his parents allowed him to make this journey. Deonir had turned 47 when he got the urge to leave. The clan had an tradition that when you turn 20 you get your clan tattoos. Deonir's tattoo was green and when down his both arms. He placed his quiver over his back, packed dried food with him, took his hunting gear, held his bow in his hand and left...

Deonir realised when he got out of Valenwood that he didn't have any septims. So when he ran out of food and there was nothing to hunt he had to steal. Deonir found himself quite good at hiding and stealing because he had been doing that all of his life in Valenwood while hunting. He got along well stealing food and pickpocketing money. But his luck ran out when he found himself in High Rock, Weyrest to be exact. He was caught when he has pickpocketing a wealthy merchant, and so he was sent to rot in jail. He had a cellmate called Ashen-Jai, he was caught while braking into a house. Ashen was an excellent lock pick he had learned lock picking in the Thieves Guild in Cyrodiil. He told some tails about the Grey Fox, of how he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Deonir was inspired by him and wanted to learn more but sadly Ashen-Jai knew no more about the mysterious Grey Fox. As everyone who has spent time in jail you know that they want to escape, and Deonir was fed up with the racist and unfriendly guards. Ashen-Jai was also so he had been planning to escape for a while. Ashen had bribed an guard to smuggle a lock pick into the cell. Ashen made quick work of the lock and the two thieves got out.

They found themselves in Cyrodiil. Ashen had been training Deonir in lock picking because he saw that Deonir would be an good asset to the guild. Deonir refused the offer but promised to stay true to the guild, and so Deonir continued his journey. He had been in every province but Morrowind so that was his next stop. He reached Blacklight where he had heard that a ship was looking for crew men. Deonir needed money and was used to sail so he got the job. It was a cargo ship what took wares from Blacklight to all of the other coastal towns of Morrowind. The ship got an special job to take about 30 settlers from Morrowind to Akavir, and so the long trip started. It took about six months but they were finally there. Deonir saw the dangerous beauty of the new unexplored continent and he couldn't resist it, he quit his job and found himself in Septimia.


Deonir is 4'9 foot tall. He had big green tattoos that start by his shoulders and end by his wrist. Deonir has a leather 'belt' that holds his quiver and vials close to him. He has a dark-green sleve -less tunic and brown leather pants. Deonir has 3 piercings all on his ears, the ear rings are made out of bone and two of them are gauges. A semi-big scar runs under Deonir's left eye, it was caused by a bear. [WIP]