A drawing of Fadril done by Daveless.

Fadril is the laid back, sarcastic Lord of Tel Fadryl, and Magister of House Telvanni. Despite ruling over his own region, you most often find him wandering around Septimia, conversing with the citizens. Along with being a major political figure in Akavir, he is also a Necromancer, Vampire, and one of the 4 current Champions of Akatosh. He is considered by most to be one of the most powerful people in Akavir. (NO FUCKING SHIT HAVE YOU SEEN HOW GODDAMN OP HE IS?)


Fadril Therayn was born in Port Telvannis 255 years ago to Arch-Magister Vethrin Therayn and his wife, Salora Therayn. While Fadril, like most Telvanni wizards, practiced magic from a young age, Fadril had a slight...problem. His heart wasn't strong as most, and if was pushed to far, it would begin to fail him. This was worsened by his father's training methods. Everyday Fadril was waken up early by Vethrin, and taken into the courtyard. There he would make Fadril practice until he fell into one of his attacks. He would watch Fadril for a moment before ordering a healer (which upon learning of Fadril's disability he had close during his training) to sooth his heart before starting again. A few years later Fadril's brother, Varon, was born. When his brother eventually came to an age where he could begin his own training, Fadril finally gained some rest, even if it was only a few hours. This granted Fadril time to spend with his loving mother, Salora, whom Fadril felt was the only person who truely loved him. Eventually he asked his mother to teach him some Alchemy (which she was rather good at), and would spend an hour each day teaching him about potions, poisons, and such. Despite still having to deal with his father's abuse and training, Fadril was at least a little happy, though, all good things come to an end. When Fadril was ten years of age, and Varon was eight, their mother died of a disease. The young Fadril fell into a deep depression upon his mothers death, spending the freetime he had locked in his room. Eventually, he came out of this depression, and began studying Tamrielic History in his spare time. Reading of these great places of which he had never seen, he decided that when he came of age he would leave Vethrin, Varon, and Port Telvannis as a whole, travling to Tamriel's mainland, and when he turned twenty, that's exactly what he did.

The first place that Fadril visited was Blacklight, a city along Morrowind's northern coast. It was there that Fadril discovered something that the quiet, shy Telvanni had never realised after a one night stand with a Dunmer woman he met in a local inn, whom  began to flirt with him. He realised that, for a Dunmer, he didn't look half bad, he came from a wealthy and powerful family, and was a powerful mage. He, is his own words, had it all. Fadril's personality started changing over time, going from the quiet and shy young boy, to a confident and outspeaking mer. He traveled Tamriel for years, developing a habit of bedding women wherever he went which not only led to him heralding a good amound of basard children across the provinces, but keeping him from dying with most of his House during the attack by the Argonians. After years of travling Tamriel, Fadril came to a decision. He would return home.

Upon returning home he was...allowed back, his father still working on rebuilding the House's more damaged holdings, and leaving. Varon, ever confident, believed that he would be the one to control Port Telvannis during Vethrin's absence, was sadly mistaken. Vethrin handed Port Telvannis over to Fadril, who accepted with reluctance. It was around that time Varon disappeared. Fadril, believing he ran off out of anger, made no attempt to find him. A couple of years passed, and Varon returned, and with him, his wrath. As it turned out, he was kidnapped by bandits, and held hostage for those two years, only now escaping. He set fire to the city, and crops. The light from the flames could be seen from the mainland, and the screams of the citizens for miles. Fadril was enraged, he was about to have Varon killed, but instead had him locked away, never to see the light of day again. Fadril began with the efforts to rebuild, his father eventually returning, and taking over. Fadril, still shaken from the flames and screams that filled all his senses that night, left for Tamriel's mainland once again. Little did he know, that the embers left from the Great War were about to be rekindled.

As Fadril made his second travel through Tamriel, he got caught in many battles. To Fadril, it was fighting the greater of two evils. He would describe it as "Fighting against the Thalmor" rather than fighting along side the Empire, as he disliked both sides. Eventually rumors of the continent of Akavir began to reach Fadril's pointy ears and, under the guise of going to secure any magical artifacts for House Telvanni, left to Akavir to find some peace.

When Fadril first arrived in Akavir, he landed in Tang-Mo. With him, he has a regiment of Telvanni Sharpshooters, a Dunmer well versed in Dwemer mechanics named Dram, and a mute slave that was assigned to guard him after he committed a crime against the Therayn family known as Edril. While his men mostly stayed in the cities until they could find a place to grow a tower, Fadril scouted the jungles, and marshes. He eventually came across a near insane Altmer named Orthorn. After calming him from his blind, and madness induced rage, Orthorn and Fadril became fast friends, Fadril making him his second in cammand. Eventually, Fadril and his men traveled out of the jungle, and into the desert where Fadril planted the cuttings for his tower near the ocean.

The tower grew quickly, doing so in only a few weeks. The settlement drew interest from most of Akavir's citizens. While most Telvanni would be annoyed by the visitors, Fadril embraced it, enjoying the commerce. Things were relatively peaceful in the beginning, but things started going south when Orthorn met a young Nord girl. Orthorn impregnated the girl, and ran off with her, Fadril never seeing his second in command again. Soon after that, Fadril took on an apprentice, a young Dunmer girl named Idesa, whom he taught Conjuration. He treated her almost as if she was his own child, but disappeared without a trace.

Around this time, strange things began to happen in Tel Fadryl, shadowy figures attacking Fadril, Grok (an insane Orc who served Fadril), and Dram. Looking into it, they found an old story about a Daedra being defeated by Akatosh, but would one day return. In a strange turn of events, Fadril, Dram, Grok, Edril, and Jacob Silver-Blood were marked as Champions of the God, Akatosh, and were forced to fight strange, shadowy Daedra with Fadril acting as sort of a leader for the group. While fighting them, Edril was killed, his strength spreading to the remaining four. A few others assisted with the fight, including Khafiz Black-Boot, a sailor on the ship that delivered supplies to Tel Fadryl, and Blissi, the Guard Captain of Septimia.

Some time passed after the fight, and Fadril befriended a Nord vampire from Valguard named Abbie. They quickly became close friends, Fadril entertaining her by raising a skeleton and making it dance. During this time, Fadril began considering Vampirism as a cure for his heart problem, but dismissed the idea. He later opened a Guild Hall in Septimia as a place to house the lower members of the House in Akavir. It was there that he met a Breton woman named Mabrella Andor, and quickly fell for her. He soon admitted to having an interest in her, and though hesitant at first, she soon gave him a chance, and began to return the feelings.

It wasn't long before Fadril began considering Vampirism again, discussing it with Mabrella. She embraced the idea, interested in the idea of eternal life. Fadril then asked Abbie to turn him, which she obliged too. Three days later, Fadril had become one of the undead, changing Mabrella as well. After her change was complete, they traveled to the den of the Lazerat Vampire Clan, just north of Ionith. It was there they met the Bloodmother, Lilith, a nine year old girl who was turned seven years prior.

During their time in the family, Fadril started noticing Mabrella changing. She began to become more sadistic, wanting to partake in the torture of those they kidnapped, and used as blood bags. Fadril and Mabrella got into a fight when he confronted her about it, but they soon made up. Fadril also befriended other members of the family including a Bosmer vampire named Dahlia (who, unknown to either of them, was one of Fadril's bastard children). She became a good friend of Fadril and Mabrella's during that time.

Not to long after joining the family, unrest began to form between the major political factions of Akavir, Tel Fadryl included. Not long before being made one of the Triumvirate and leaving House Telvanni, Blissi had suggested Fadril annex the village near Tel Fadryl, which he soon did. He later took another tent village in the desert, which depended on goods from the now Telvanni controlled port. The Empire (The Faction which Blissi served, and was controlled by Gaius Tarquin) began to feel that the other Factions were growing to powerful. They knew better than to target Tel Fadryl first, and instead, decided the threaten the Wardenfolde (A group whose goal was to protect the people of Akavir) with war. Fadril caught wind of this, and marched to Ionith with Dram, Grok, and a regiment of guards, firing at Tarquin, and Rithisak (A Tang Mo who assisted the Empire on Akavir). A group of Imperial soldiers soon arrived, telling the Telvanni to leave, led by William (An undead soldier that Fadril attempted to help by giving him his soul back once). Fadril obliged, later learning that Solus (The Wardenfolde's leader) had died from the soldiers.

A few days later, Fadril traveled to Septimia to speak with Blissi, who only said that war was immineant. Unfortunately for the Empire, there were others besides Fadril who weren't happy with the blatant Imperial corruption being inforced by Tarquin, and an uprising unfolded the next day. As a result of it, Jacob became the new Count, with Fadril assisting him. It was around this time Varon found Fadril, seeking forgiveness. Fadril was able to, but Varon's...disposition wasn't well liked amongst the people of Akavir, and he disappeared soon after.

Not long after, Mabrella left, only leaving a note for Fadril saying that she went to reconnect to her old self, as she saw they way Fadril looked at her after she began to change. During her absence, Fadril began spending time with Mabrella’s friend Darla, whose lover had died not long before Mabrella left. Nothing came from Fadril spending time with her despite popular belief, the two only being close friends. During this time Fadril met a woman named Renee. A Breton girl who had broken into Darla’s house while he was there. Despite Fadril’s wishes to have her arrested, Darla left her alone, even allowing her to stay in the house. It wasn’t long after she went missing. Upon going to den, Fadril found that she had been captured, and was being used as a blood bag. Fadril took pity on her, but told her not to leave the den, which she did anyway, as Scales-Are-Blue, and Argonian vampire, had a tendency to do a bit more than feed on the women held in the cages. She was able to escape, and begged him to help her. Fadril thought on it, and decided something. That this “family” needed to be destroyed. As he made his way to the den, Blue-Scales came to him. He said that Jecht, Jacob’s father, was attacking the den, and was about to kill Lilith. Fadril acted as if he was going to head to the den and assist, only yo use magic to stun Blue, and stab him in the chest.

Some time passed, and Mabrella eventually returned, back to her old self. Things seemed good for Fadril. After Septimia fell to Daedra, he was placed in charge, making him the ruler of all Tamrielic area’s besides Valguard. Not wanting to bother with Septimia, he handed the duty of reclaiming it over to a man named Brutus. Eventually, Fadril felt it was time to leave, and head home. Him, Mabrella, Renee (who was by now like a sister to him), Jacob (who had began a relationship with Renee after the death of his wife, Colette), Rervam (a member of Akavir’s House Telvanni), Darla, and Matthias (The new leader of the Wardenfolde) left on a ship, only stopping to let Darla and Matt off in Skyrim. They eventually reached Port Telvannis.

Upon returning home to Port Telvannis with Mabrella, Renee, and Jacob, Vethrin mocked his son, demeaning him for marrying a Breton. Despite all the power Fadril possessed, power that he knew far exceeded his father's, Fadril simply hung his head and clenched his fist. Even after all this time, he still feared his aging father...up until he made a major mistake. Vethrin tried to have the "human filth" removed from Port Telvannis. At that moment, Fadril lost it. All the pent up rage, aggression, and anger he had for his father came forth as he released an assault on the aging mer. By the time Fadril was done, his father was merely a burnt, blood-drained corpse, and under Telvanni law, Fadril became Arch-Magister.

As time moved on, Fadril began reverting back to his old self. He began regaining his unwavering confidence, vanity, and cruelness. As time passed, he eventually divorced Mabrella, realizing he really didn't love her, and somewhat blamed her for turning him so soft, having her shipped back to the mainland. Even before divorcing her, he began having an affair with his apprentice, Enarvyn, whom had since become more like him since leaving Akavir. Not long after he arrived back in Port Telvannis, a new war broke out between Morrowind and Blackmarsh, the Dunmer trying to regain their land they lost years prior. Due to the inventions made by Dram, House Telvanni became a major force in the war, and cotonies to still be at this time.

Posessions and AbilitiesEdit


  • Golden Mask - Used to keep the sun off his face.
  • Soul Gem Necklace - Was given to him by his mother before she died. Later gave it to Mabrella.
  • Embalming Tools - Used during his 'experiments'.
  • Enhanced Dwemer Staff - A special staff made for him by Dram. It was made with Dwemer metal, and a Centurion Dynomo Core.
  • Mad Swag
  • Enarvyne's Virginity
  • All the Bastard Children a Man Could Dream of.


  • Necromancy - OP
  • Conjuration - Daedra - OP
  • Destruction - Shock - OP
  • Akatosh's OPness - Absorbs the strength of another champion once they die.