Hist (Settlement)

The Settlement of Hist, showing the central Hist Tree and surrounding buildings.

Located on the eastern peninsula of the southernmost region of Akavir, Hist is a small settlement built close to the jungle swampland hugging the coast opposite th
e Tang-Mo Islands. The settlement lies north-east of Abel Mon and directly east of Thanefall inaccessible because of the large mountain range. The only way to get there is through the nearby forest and down to the coastline as the bridge connecting Abel Mon and Hist has been severely damaged by a shipwreck.


Hist House

One of the houses in Hist.

The buildings constructed in Hist encircle the majestic figure of a fully grown Hist Tree hence the population of the settlement is predominately Argonian (Due to the strong bonds between the Argonian race and the ancient trees located in their home-province of Black Marsh). The building are reasonably crude and are built from the lush and plentiful source of wood from the jungle trees in the surrounding area. The nearby settlement of Abel Mon, shares this design. The Hist tree's roots go deep down into the ground underneath Hist and can be accessed via a small cavern on the southern side of the peninsula. The settlement's population frequently gathers here to worship the tree and lick the sap from it's bark which is said to be a way for Argonians to communicate with the Hist. The Church of Hist is also present here and is heard of throughout most of Akavir.


Hist was founded and constructed by Argonian immigrants from Tamriel, specifically the Neetus tribe who fled Black Marsh in search of a safe haven away from the war and conflict consuming the continent. With them, they smuggled the sapling of a Hist fledgling. Upon arriving in Akavir they were caught in a rough storm which cast up tall waves. They shipwrecked on the southern coast, landing on dense swamplands. Being from Black Marsh they found the terrain comforting and decided they would settle there; planting the Hist sapling and then building the town around it. From then on they worshipped the Hist and performed Argonian rituals around it. In later years the Hist sapling grew to its full height and Hist Sap extraction was undergone. The sap is primarily used by the Argonian populace as a spiritual tool; communicating with the trees themselves.