The picture holds similarity to Jacob, but he has different gear.

Jacob Silverblood is the kind but immensely strong Count of Septimia and one of the four Champions of Akatosh, a halfbreed abomination of great standing among the people of Akavir.


Early LifeEdit

Jacob was born in the eastern half of Skyrim in a manor, the first Silverblood to be born of blood other than pure Nordic blood. Jacob's father, Jecht, had fallen for a Bosmer woman, and was punished for it severely. Once the woman have birth to Jacob, Jecht was beaten severely then was banished from Silverblood Manor for life. Jecht then took his infant son and his wife south, eventually settling in Riften, where Jecht was forced into working as a guard for the Thieve's Guild to support his family. During his time in Riften, Jecht and his wife had two more children, Rinoa and Galfix, the carefree sister and the childish brother of Jacob. Jecht decided he didn't want to raise a family in a city that was so corrupt, so he left, heading north to Windhelm with his family.

Windhelm was cold, colder than the poor Bosmer woman could handle, and one night she passed away from the cold, leaving Jecht to raise his family alone. Jacob at this time was only five years old, so Jecht had started to put stories into his heart of the powerful Silverblood family, how they would take almost any job and bring honor to the family. Jacob was easily enticed, often spending time watch the guards going through their training, copying their movements with sticks, often found beating up skeevers. Jecht one day found this and was happily surprised, giving Jacob real training best he could, Jacob using the sword and shield over anything else, a balance of offense and defense.

Jacob began mercenary work with his father, leaving food and money with his younger siblings while the duo went out, Jacob slowly honing his skills at the cost of a few deep scars and close calls. Eventually his siblings joined them, Rinoa becoming an archer while Galfix began to use daggers, though his sarcastic attitude caused the four into many difficult situations. Jacob started to work alone due to this, usually only working with his father, but often he went with his sister due to them having competitions over who is the better Silverblood. Jecht supported these contests because he knew they would make them better and stronger.

When Jacob turned nineteen, the whole family had taken a job for the other Silverblood family, the Silver-bloods of Markarth. It was a simple job, clear a small encampment of Forsworn. It was supposed to be an easy job, but it quickly took a turn for the worse as when they reached the encampment they found the camp in ruins, fires burning the tents, the bodies of every one of the Forsworn in a pile, even the elderly and children, and at the center of it all was Jecht's cousins, three of them. Jecht was horrified at seeing the slaughter, however before he said anything his cousins walked over, stating that since the outcasts tried to take a job from the family, they would kill Jecht and his children. Jecht pleaded for them to just leave his family alone, but when they went to strike Rinoa, it lit a fire in his heart, stabbing one of them through the chest, Jacob following suit and giving a lethal slash through another's chest, the one that was left running for his life. When Jecht came to his senses after this he knew he had done something he shouldn't have, deciding that they had to leave.


Jacob was the first to go, since he was the most mature. He landed in the grand city of Septimia, awed by the beauty of the land and by the huge city's masonry, having expected small towns due to Akavir's location. He found that nowhere would let him stay for free, so he headed out into the wilderness, eventually finding a huge mansion on the top of a mountain, owned by the legendary man known as Ivan Borris, however, Jacob met Helvar Jugen instead, the blacksmith who lived and operated out of the mansion. The two became fast friends, Helvar offering his family space in the lower area of the mansion to live in, which was graciously accepted by Jacob.


One engraved suit of steel plate armor, a solid steel longshield, a steel shortsword, a steel spear, the shaft also metal, and the Silverblood Family emblem, which is also on the inside of the shield.