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Jurien, born in Skyrim like many Nords and traveled to Akavir due to the rising conflicts in his homeland.


Born in his homeland of Skyrim, he traveled to Akavir due to rising conflicts in Skyrim. Traveled by the horse of his father, passed down to him from father to son to the docks in which he sailed to Akavir with many other immigrants. Arriving in Akavir, he talks with a Redguard with a silver tongue by the name of Ka'zaad. The two talk and join with Kargar, an orc with the old curse of Troll Thirst.

The group of three make the Tuktura Ugakta. Andril, or 'Zander,' joins them. Their first goal being the ruins of Ionith, but bandits have taken the crumbles of a city for themselves. After many weeks of grueling work to earn the money for the Happy Horker in the city of Valguard, across the desert from Septimia, they buy the tavern. Many weeks of tavern work are just hiding their true plans to hold Valguard in an iron grip. The start of this is crowning Kargar as the King of Valguard. This being done, they continue to tighten the fist around the city.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Ka'zaad- True friend, the first he spoke with in Akavir

Kargar- True friend, worthy of the title of King.

Zander/Andril- Little to no relations with him. Never truly talked with the Dunmer.