Ko Po' Tun Warrior

Ka Po' Tun (meaning Tiger-Dragon's Empire), originally called Po Tun, is a nation of Akavir. It is inhabited by a race of cat-folk also called the Ka Po' Tun. They are ruled by Tosh Raka, the divine Tiger-Dragon who bears similarities to Akatosh. Ka Po' Tun has become a very great empire, stronger than Tsaesci in all but naval battle. When the Tsaesci attempted to enslave the dragons, the black dragons fled to Po Tun. A great war was raged, which left both the cat-folk and the snakes weak, and resulted in the death of the dragons. Since that time, the cat-folk have tried to become the dragons. Tosh Raka was the first to succeed, and renamed the nation to Ka Po' Tun. Ka Po' Tun plans to kill the Tsaesci and then invade Tamriel.

No contact with the Ka Po' Tun has been made since the Cataclysm, and it's speculated that have confined themselves to their own region in the wake of the event.

Military TraditionEdit

The Ka Po' Tun put a large emphasis on Physical Prowess and their Military. They promote Honour both on and off the Battlefield. They are somewhat comparable to Tribal Societies where Warriors where dominant and hailed as the Greatest of their Group. As such, the Ka believe the Highest honour to be death on the Battlefield fighting for Glory and jump at the chance to fight.


Aside from a strong Military Tradition, the Ka are notable for their Religious devotion, some would say Fanaticism for Dragons. They form the Pantheon of their religious beliefs, Akatosh being their supreme Deity. They are much like the Draugr in their system of Belief, with Priests focusing on Intense study of the rare Black dragons they managed to gain protection of when they fled the Tsaesci. However a great war was fought between the two powers which resulted in the death of the known Dragons of Akavir, earning the Tsaesci the eternal hatred of the Ka. Their priests, in particular their leader Tosh Raka.

Raka managed to become Dragon like in anyway possible, this however lead to his removal from Public Life when his ill-weighted newfound abilities started to work against him.


A Ka Po' Tun Warrior mid-swing in attack

Administration and StructureEdit

The leader of the Mighty Tiger-Dragon Empire is the Over-King, known as the "Kajun" which translates to "Tiger King". He holds and wields all powers of a sovereign monarch, alongside being given a divine status. He is believed to be chosen by Akatosh and under the Protection of the Dragon God. He directs the Tun's Army, known as the "Lahvu". Underneath the Kajun stand 4 nominal lords from each tribe of the Tun, known as a "Broddrog" or "Clan Lord". These 4 are the Kajun's most trusted advisers and administrators. He may delegate any responsibility to them so long they don't overstep the mark. Although expected to follow the Kajun unquestionably, if these 4 were to throw a mutiny they could take him down. Below these rests the Military and Priesthood.

Stance on MagikaEdit

Magika is used Sparingly among the Ka, but when so it is attributed towards Akatosh and used in worship of him. Wizards are known as "Jo" and are a rare breed among the Ka. The worship towards Dragons is lead by regional "Kro-Khan", Sorcerer Councillors. These Kro-Khan are renowned through the Tun for their immense power and to call them Men of Learning would be an understatement. They must dedicate their whole lives to study of their Gods, gaining much Knowledge in the process. They make up the Intellectual portion of the Ka society and their opinion holds considerable weight due to leading prayers. The spiritual leader of the Ka is simply the "Kro-In", the Sorcerer Master. It is believed the Kro-In has mastered the Thu'um along with many other aspects of Dragon culture. The Kro-In is in a state of near constant meditation with his Pantheon and is usually reclusive. He must make sacrifices along with his subordinates at every Festival to the Dragons. He has council with the Kajun and must the two must meet when the other Demands it. All in all, the Priesthood of the Ka resembles that of the Ancient Nordic Dragon Cult and the Grey Beards.