An outpost is a place that has more then one or two people living at in it and people vist it or has some RP importance.

The Monastery Of ArkayEdit

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The monastery of Arkay started off as a small house in the woods around the back of Iointh. Tanza an argonian gravedigger lived out there at first not making much progress until a Altmer by the name of Seer came, they hired local worker to help them clear the area and then building a chaple.

Soon after that the gravedigger Tanza dug many graves around the chaple and his house, they expand off to the left off and built small farms aswell as more graves.

The outpost in its current state, as it has expand much more now has a bridge aswell as a small place for pilgrims and them alike to rest.

Pirate BayEdit

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Pirate Bay is a small outpost on a island near Septimia.

It usally has a few pirates and ships around it, it is mostly used for smuggling and hiding out as Akavir is without any law and too far away for Imperials or any other power to come looking.