Synoc Ragvin Rastagol is the friendly old Archmage of Alteration, he often resides in his home deep in the woods, near the Septimia slums. His beard is possibly the longest and mightiest in Akavir, if not it is among the mightiest beards.

Posessions and RoutineEdit

Rastagol's Staff of Alteration

Rastagol's Staff is ash wood, measures about 5.6, the top spirals into 3 convexing limbs. Rastagol's staff helps him channel his Alteration spells. In his old age he has problems with the magicka drain's affect on his near-expired body, not nearly so much that he needs the staff to casts spells, though.

(May add more, this was written before the college opened.) 

Character Information
Name: Synoc Ragvin Rastagol
Roleplayer: nolanwashere
Race: Breton
Fatherland: Eastmarch, Skyrim.
Age: 234, aged to 72.
Date of Birth: 4E 47, 2nd of Rain's Hand.
Height: 5.6
Build: Average build for his age, weak, thick skinned.
Hair Color: Dirty blonde turned to grey.
Eye Color:  murky-mint Green.


Rastagol spends his normal days either looking for alchemy ingredients in the woods, preparing to start his new hobby, or in Zander's Valguard Inn.

Life StoryEdit

Childhood Synoc grew up in Skyrim, Eastmarch.

Synoc Ragvin Rastagol was the bastard child of Birard Laivol, and Lisette Rhovan, two Bretons. The unwed parents left Synoc at the door of a Nord couple, Frothar and Yrsa Rastagol. The Lord and Lady owned a large home in a forest, near Riverwood they also owned a farm where they kept a staff of about 10 people to work the field, they grew mainly potatoes and carrots, which they added to their life-lengthening proven diet, their family usually lived at least ten years longer than the average people if they kept the diet. He spent most of his days playing with his adopted father and mother, able to run at their age fairly well, they were 40 when they adopted Synoc. Synoc had a very good relationship with his mother, she was caring, kind, and comforting, Synoc also had a good relationship with his father, he was wise, understanding, and taught him most of what he knows that isn’t magic.
When Synoc was 8, Frothar hired an Altmer Mage named Celria Direnni. Celria began to teach him magic, mainly Alteration, as Synoc chose Alteration; the Path of Mind intrigued him. Synoc began to progress more successfully in learning magic at age 14, by then he knew up to Telekinesis, and Stone Flesh. Synoc’s learning in magic kept him from making any friends.

When Synoc was 16, he was brought into the deep forest with Celria, to practice Magelight, she blindfolded him, and took him into the back of the cave, she told him to spin around, and take the blindfold off after ten seconds, and she left the cave. He casted Magelight for a moment, but it went down immediately as he heard a grunt after casting it, he saw nothing; since the light was open for just a flicker. Synoc said “Celria?” A claw lashed out from the darkness to cut across his face, wounding his eye, causing Synoc to yell in pain, and fall back into the dark cave floor. Celria came running in upon the scream, casting magelight, revealing a large brown bear, she killed the bear with fiery destruction spells, and brought Synoc home. The germs from the bear’s claw turned Synoc’s Iris color to a grey hue, and he was unable to see with it from the wound. Celria was fired for not checking the cave first, Frothar and Yrsa being furious. Synoc took a few years away from magic, barely practicing.

The New Teacher At age 20, Frothar decided to resume learning magic, and make his adopted father proud of him. Frothar gave him 2000 coins, and sent him off to the College of Winterhold, where he attended classes for a week before the mages realized he was too ahead of starting students; he was assigned a personal teacher.

The new teacher was a male Dunmer named Ancus Devanni; he was a strict, cross teacher. He was not as good of a teacher as Celria was, so Synoc progressed slower on his path to becoming a mage.

At age 28 he was delivering a completely non-relevant letter for his master, to Windhelm, his master forced him to do this even though it had nothing to do with magic. Synoc decided to stay in Windhelm for a few days after delivering the letter, drinking for the first time in his life, though not very often. Synoc was on his way back to Winterhold, but was attacked and captured by a group of hooded figures. He awoke to months and months of being fed on by vampires, spending his days, weeks, months, in a cage, buried beneath the earth at the back of a vampire cavern. When Synoc was 29, the vampires indoctrinated Synoc, and turned him into a vampire. Synoc, though he had no want to be a vampire, accepted his place among the group.

Centuries of Bloodlust Synoc Rastagol was a vampire for 162 years, his aging frozen at 29. Synoc became a trusted vampire throughout the years, even though he often didn’t socialize, only a little during hunts, he was a friendly but quiet vampire, he believed his fellow vampires had no choice but to live these lives, like him, not true for some of them. He spent his days sleeping, and his nights socializing, or eventually hunting when the prisoners died of blood loss, or had been freed. He often questioned why he was turned into a vampire, instead of being freed after 1 or 2 years like the other thralls. Synoc learned and forgot the names of his fellow vampires, around the middle of this long time of his life he fell into a 10 year long depression, never smiling like he normally would, upon recovering from this he emerged a peaceful, happy person yet again.

Synoc was trained every now and then by a fellow friendly vampire, a Kha’jiit named Jo’dar, he taught Rastagol only in Alteration.

Rastagol found a book on one of the hunts; it told of a ritual needed to be performed to cure vampirism, he kept this book from the other vampires, at first he buys a black soul gem from a fellow vampire, who had found one on a prisoner a few years back, he lost all of his money, 1300 coins in buying and filling the soul gem, he paid a fellow vampire to fill it as well. At night, he snuck away from the cave, deciding not to share his book. The book lead him to a hermit, living near Bruma in the woods, he snuck across the border, to Synoc’s fortune he was not caught upon crossing the border. He found the dunmer hermit, who agreed to cure Synoc for free; they performed the ritual in the Colovian Highlands, Synoc Rastagol was no longer a vampire.

Spells and a Staff Synoc traveled south to the Imperial City, where he found the Arcane University, he continued to learn there. Synoc progressed until he learned all of the spells in the School of Alteration; he finished at age 55 or 217, if vampire years are included. He was awarded a staff, the staff itself casted no spell, but made it easier for him to cast spells, which he could channel through the staff. The staff was wooden, 5.6 in height, at the time Synoc was 5.10, but in the future he shrunk to the height of 5, 6, making his staff the same height as him. The wood broke into 3 parts at the top of the staff, spiraling around each other, leaving space in the between the spiral for the spells to generate.

Travelling and Settling For 16 years Synoc travelled Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, High Rock, and Black Marsh. He developed successful ways to make friends with certain creatures, such as birds, or rabbits, they were the only companions he had on his journeys, he didn’t stop, only traveled through town, he slept on moss, and used spells when he did not sleep at night to keep himself lighted.

He heard news of Akavir, he traveled to the edge of Black Marsh, and traveled by boat to Akavir, Synoc arrived in Septimia, he had little interest in the cities themselves, but what was around them. Synoc travelled Akavir for a few months, but feeling too old to continue travelling, he settled down before he could travel all of Akavir, he settled down in the woods near Septimia for the rest of the year, throughout the year book writers stumbled upon him, and asked him questions, he may have a chapter or a book based on his life in the wild, he did not know.

He decided to travel into Septimia, seeking ingredients to start a new hobby of potion brewing, but a flyer caught his eye. The flyer was a notice of an open position for an Alteration Archmage, he ventured to the not yet open college, left a smile on his face, taking pride in his new position.