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The School of Alteration is a course of magical study offered by the Mage College on the island of Akavir. Students enrolled in this form of magic will most likely be interested in the manipulation of their given environment or even themselves. Within the School of Alteration, students will find two paths that they may choose to follow: the Path of Flesh and the Path of the Mind. The Path of Flesh contains such spells that will magically harden the caster's skin while still maintaining all ranges of movement. This, needless to say, is a very useful form of magic for those mages who involve themselves in physical combat. The Path of the Mind will teach its students how to manipulate the world around them and, to an extent, the people around them; with spells such as paralysis and telekinesis.

Alteration Spells

Path of Flesh

Rank Spell Name Description Turns to Cast
Novice Calloused Flesh This spell hardens the caster’s skin to that of callouses. This spell is not very useful in it's ability to physically protect the caster from bodily harm but would instead grant numbness to tasks such as walking across sharp rocks or hot coals. 1
Apprentice Oak Flesh This spell hardens the caster’s skin to that of wood. Although not terribly protective, this spell can, to an extent, protect the caster from lighter tier weapons like daggers. 1
Adept Stone Flesh This spell hardens the caster’s skin to that of stone. A fairly protective spell that could potentialy reduce damage by attacks from a wide array of one-handed weapons. 2
Expert Iron Flesh This spell hardens the caster’s skin to a hardness similar to that of iron. An acceptable spell for combat use; this spell allows for reduced damage from the more of forceful blows and even the attacks of some two-handed weaponry. 2
Master Dragon Hide This spell hardens the caster’s skin to that of dragon hide. A very useful spell for combat that allows for the reduction of damage from both one and two-handed weaponry. 2
Ascended Spiked Flesh This spell hardens the caster’s skin to that of a material harder than daedric metal. In addition to their significantly increased damage resistance from all manner of physical weapons, from the caster's body protrude many spike-like objects that may measure, in some cases, up to 2 inches in length. Due to the power of this spell, all mana is consumed upon it's execution. 3

Path of the Mind

Rank Spell Name Description Turns to Cast
Novice Candlelight This spell summons a small ball of light at the caster’s side. The light created by this particular spell is not very strong but would still allow for improved vision in the darkest of caves. 1
Apprentice Telekinesis This spell grants the caster the ability to grab and move small objects from a distance of up to 10 meters. This spell's strength would only allow for the lifting of common items like keys, tankards, and the like. 1
Adept Magelight The caster creates a bright, throw-able sphere of light in one hand. The light the radiates from this sphere is quite bright and, if used suddenly and without warning, may momentarily blind any beings nearby. 2
Expert Detect Presence This spell allows the caster to sense the presence of all living creatures nearby. The effective range of this spell is up to 10 meters and the caster can in fact accurately estimate the size of the creatures that have been caught within this spells radius. 2
Master Levitation This spell is a much more powerful version of telekinesis. With this spell active, the caster may pick up objects as heavy as boulders but all living creatures will remain unaffected by the effects of levitation. 2
Ascended Paralysis The target hit by this spell is put into a temporary state of paralysis. This spell is extremely effective and the chances of someone remaining unaffected by this spell are incredibly slim. All mana is consumed upon execution of this spell. 3