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Septimia was/is a town in pre-Invasion and Thanefellian Akavir. A Tsaesci city (name lost to history) had been founded on the site for an unknown time before the invasions of Uriel Septim V, whenever it was re-established, renamed 'Septimia' and settled with Imperial Colonists.

Imperial InvasionEdit

Septimia was the first colony of the short-lived Imperial Province of Akavir. It was originally a Tsaesci port at the mouth of a large river, but was abandoned by its inhabitants and captured by Emperor Uriel Septim V in the year 3E 288. It was located in a fertile river valley, and provided easy access to the interior of the continent. It was used as the main port of the Far East Fleet, and was connected by road to the invasion headquarters of Ionith. However, the many reefs, islands and sandbars made entering the harbor difficult. During the Battle of Ionith, the town was besieged by Tsaesci warriors and suffered terrible, almost unnatural weather. The few survivors of the invasion were rescued here. The settlement was reclaimed by the Tsaesci and had not been revisited by Tamrielic forces until the 4th Era. 


As of it's reclamation by the Tsaesci, Septimia had remained an important port town in the lower Tsaesci Kingdom. Nothing of significance was recorded to have taken place in Septimia until Tamrielic migrants arrived during the Mid 2nd Century 4E, besides regular Tsaesci Naval deployments and dockings. 


As of the War of Rising Sands, Tsaesci military presence in the Septimia region was severely drained to the point where the town itself lacked any sort of Guard outside of Voluntary citizenry. It proved easily taken by Tamrielic forces who were eager for a port of call on the dangerous continent of Akavir. A Chartered Imperial expedition led by Cassius Marius established what would be seen as the modern City itself.


These new migrants inhabiting the south-western coast of the Tsaesci Kingdom were called by the friendly Tang Mo and their begrudging Ka allies to take part in the campaigns later known as 'the War of Rising Sands' against the Snakemen. Cassius Marius, alongside his young nephew Vidicus Marcus then began to organise a force to support their newfound allies. They aided Ka efforts to strike into Tsaesci territories, being crucial in securing an earlier victory to the already decades long series of conflicts.