Solus' current skin.

Solus Lethwynd is an Akavir character played by SamSakurai. 

He is the Ranger of Akavir, though primarily he is a Ranger of Stendarr.

Name: Solus Lethwynd(aka Oppy McOppington the Third of the OP Lands)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Imperial (Half Bosmer)

Appearance: Slight build, 5'11, dark, short cut hair, slightly pointed ears, wears a mottled green hooded cloak under which he wears a tunic. His face is thin, as though the fat has been stripped away. He has light blue eyes, which can be peaceful as a pool of water or steely and swirling as a rainstorm. He has a bit of stubble lining his chin, indicative of the toll his work is taking on him, and his face grows more carefully lined as the year goes on.

Personality: Serious, but not unfriendly. Polite. Dedicated to his ideals, and protective of innocents. He believes in justice and mercy and has dedicated his life to these traits.

-Has grown more serious, determined, and blunt over time. While still believing in his sworn ideals wholeheartedly, he values efficiency and safety over Honor, seeing it as a frivolity. 


Solus is in possesion of many useful tools and items. His clothing consists of a camouflage hooded cloak, on top of a similarly camouflaged tunic. He has various herbs and such in the pouches on his belt and three-way bandolier/harness. He has a layered light steel plate over his left chest, and 4-tiered, overlapping steel plates on his gauntlets.

He has a Saxe knife; a heavy double-bladed knife, and two Rib knives; thin, long, knives weighted for throwing. He also has a short reflex bow, crafted by himself in Skyrim. He has several light armor plates underneath his tunic protecting vital areas, including his groin. He has over eight throwing knives, 24 potion-tipped darts, random bits of things for cleaning wounds and such, crafted smoke-creating devices, blinding tools, and sharp-tipped knee pads. His bow is locked in place on his back with a special releasable mechanism, allowing fast access to it. 


Solus was born in Cheydinhal, in Cyrodiil to a farmer and his wife.

As he grew up, he took a great interest in the divine Stendarr and his traits. He idolized the Vigilants, but when he was one day traveling back to Cheydinhal from Chorrol, he was accosted on the road by some. He was astounded at how cruel and judgmental they seemed. Solus was disillusioned, wondering if this was really how followers of Stendarr were meant to treat people.

During on visit to the Church of Stendarr, he met a man, who he confided his issues with the Vigilants in. The man informed him that there were other groups dedicated to exacting and expressing Stendarr's justice and mercy who were far more reputable, including the Knights of Stendarr, in Hammerfell. However, the man expressed that he wasn't sure Solus had the build for a Knight, but said he'd would very much like to discuss training him. The man was Elewen Fardyn, a Ranger of Stendarr; another group of followers, who operated out of northern Cyrodiil and Skyrim. He said they were a small group, but their talents made them very deadly to evil and injustice nonetheless.

They traveled back to Cheydinhal, where Solus' parent were convinced, and he traveled with Elewen back to his home in Skyrim.

Elewen proved a hard teacher, but Solus was dedicated, and after a decade of hard training in the wilderness, he had become extremely adept at the arts of camouflage, stealth, archery, the use of knives, hand-to-hand combat, diplomacy, and tactics. He had served the town of Ivarstead for 3 years, acting as its guardian and protector, and advisor in other matters. He had most of all been instilled with Stendarr's values of mercy and justice, and swore to uphold these.

After so long training, Elewen decided it was time to give Solus a real mission; and he soon began preparations to sail to Akavir, to spread the values of Stendarr there as well. He now arrives via ship to Thanefall, ready to begin his real adventure.

Events So FarEdit

-Solus arrives in Akavir, approaches Count Fel about his position, and is installed into the guard as William Ua Aodh's personal assistant, to keep tabs on him.

-The first murders take place in Septimia, William disappears, after being charged with corruption, murder, and brutality.

-Solus befriends multiple people around town, he goes into the desert with one man to help him with a job he recently acquired.

-Solus takes part in multiple raids on bandits in Thanefall.

-Solus makes himself and his position known to Count Ulfgier of Valguard.

-Solus approaches Scarlet about the Shadows of Sithis' motivations and intentions, she leads him to their headquarters. William is at the HQ, and he and Scarlet attempt to trap and kill Solus. Solus manages to escape through the use of certain tools, he discovers Leon Duranto's new persona.

-Solus attempts to coordinate the hiatus of the Septimia constitution, and orchestrate a peace meeting between Septimia's government and the Shadows of Sithis. The meeting goes ahead while Solus is away, and goes horribly.

-The Shadows of Sithis base is discovered by the public, and William is found, but he escapes.

-Solus meets Cadence in Valguard.

-Solus considers making Ambryda Wylde his apprentice, but is rejected, seemingly in favor of the Light of Akavir, and falls back into his stoic persona.

-Solus, the Light of Akavir, and a couple others (including Blissi) run an attack on Ionith, and capture a bandit leader there.

-The bandit leader is locked up, but escapes. Solus tackles him as he tries to run, and he is put back in his cage, where he commits suicide.

-Solus helps the vampire Lilith, but she disappears.

-Solus helps Alice after she is injured by William and his men.

-Solus is critically injured after being ambused in the Septimia mine, but kills 2 of his assailents and escapes.

-As the last representitive of Septimia, Solus begins to put in motion plans to overhaul the Septimia leadership and government, but after many discouraging setbacks, he gives over control to Gaius Tarquin, and resumes his role as Ranger.

-Solus executes William Ua Aodh after the latter turns himself in.

-Solus is instrumental in planning the rescue of Malah from the Kamal in Ionith, but a man is killed when he fails to kill his captor.

-Duels with Ka'zaad, and loses due to the Redguards adrenaline and possible masochism. He survives however.

-Prepares more equipment, in preperation for the coming of the Empire and the Thalmor.

-Solus' relationship with Adrienne deepens, and they see each other almost as siblings at this point. He squabbles more with Ka'zaad.

-Leaves Akavir for Tamriel for a short period, to consult with the Rangers and aquire more tools and skills.

-Returns to Akavir, where he finds most of those he knew are either dead or gone.

-Amalia Liore is sent from Chorrol to Akavir to serve as apprentice to Solus

-Solus kills Isenulv in Septimia, travels to Tel Fadryl.

-Amalia returns to Chorrol, and is dicharged from the Ranger order after it seems her dedication and emotional maturity is lacking.

-Solus establishes the Wardenfolde.

-Solus is slain by William, his former foe. He kills and injures many of the guards accompanying him.