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Tang Mo Warrior

The Tang Mo (pronounced: Tang-Moh) are a peaceful race of monkey people that inhabit many of the regions around Akavir. They do however, prefer to live in jungle-like environments among their tree homes and ancient stone buildings. The average Tang Mo is fairly short but do not let their 5 foot height and peaceful disposition fool you; the Tang Mo are more than capable of defending themselves when needed. As far as appearance goes, the Tang Mo take on many different skin and hair colors. The ones that inhabit the cold northern regions typically have white hair and blue skin while members that live in jungle regions may have black/brown hair and peach colored skin. The Tang Mo's past is much like that of a monk: peaceful, influential, and constant. They have always held a presence in Akavir and their pact with the Ka Po' Tun helps to ensure their future survival within their homeland. The Tang Mo are a friendly species in that they are always willing to help those in need or defend the weak from harm; the Tang Mo truly embody the warrior-monk lifestyle. When the need for combat arises, the Tang Mo prefer light or medium weight armor. Some common armor among the Tang Mo would be cloth, leather, and sometimes chain-mail. The Tang Mo rely on speed when in combat; so the lighter the armor, the faster (and easier) it is for them to move and make efficient critical strikes against their opponents. As for weaponry, the Tang Mo are quite flexible but one thing the almost never use are heavy two-handed weapons. They much prefer the light-weight of a quarterstaff or one handed sword over the bulk of a great-sword or maul.