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Tosh Raka, also known as True-Claw, The Striped One, or Fang-Slayer, is both the political and religious leader of the Ka Po' Tun race on the continent of Akavir. He is an ambitious and widely respected figurehead for his race, most notably due to the fact that he is the first of the Ka Po' Tun to successfully morph himself into a Dragon. Living in seclusion within the far reaches of Ka Po' Tun territory, Tosh Raka is rarely seen in person, and therefore many rumors circulate in relation to his appearance and personality.


Tosh's true appearance has been the subject of many tales and stories throughout both Akavir and Tamriel. But artists and story-tellers alike can make one conclusion, and that is that Tosh's appearance has been known to change from time to time. Sometimes, Tosh is protrayed as a handsome and charming Ka Po' Tun, who stands at astounding heights and radiates a sense of peace and safety. Other times, Tosh is protrayed as a massive dragon, who instills fear and dread in all those who witness him firsthand.

As a Ka Po' Tun, Tosh is described as being a large and statuesque figure, who stands tall and easily imposes his size among even the largest members of the Ka Po' Tun race. Tosh is described as having a perfect equilibrium between strength and size, being toned but avoiding the cumbersome bulk of too much muscle. His chest is most notably represented as being "The work of a God". This is most likely due to the perfect shape and complexion that his bone and muscle create from his neck to his hips. Some would describe these features as the apex of creation, a marvel that truly signifies Tosh as being something greater than a simple individual. The leader's coloring is that of a solid and unwavering gold, that covers him from head to toe. The one highlight of his color is found on his cheeks and upper jaw bone, where a brilliant color as white as snow pierces the serene gold.  Intermittently, intricate linings of black fur can be seen within the white expanse.  Overall, Tosh has no unique colorings, but his fur is nonetheless perfect and seemingly without flaw.  

Tosh's head is large, so large that some say he must have some relation to the Kamal demons.  But rather the size simply compliments the rest of his body, as without the size of his head, he would seem disproportianate in relation to the rest of his body. Tosh is said to have piercing green eyes, and it is occassionally rumored that he has the uncanny ability to see through lies. Just like the former Kamal theory, this is untrue, and simply a rumor conjured up by his followers in an attempt to further make the grand leader seem like something he is not.  The only other unique feature upon his head is a set of horns. These horns aren't massive, they are actually rather small and serve no immediate purpose aside from looks. But still, Tosh's horns remain the focus of the conspiracy behind his transformation and how it affected him in the regular Ka state of being.  Seeing as the horns are unique to only him in his race, many are tempted to forge false horns, in an attempt to gain some sort of masclinity or command over others.  But Tosh condemns this, specifically stating "To follow is not to lead, to lead is not to follow.  We must all find our own paths, and those that wish to walk the path of another, will pay the consequences."

Sightings of Tosh, as what appears to be a dragon, are much more rare and therefore tend to fall victim to the falsification or misinterpretation of information.  As a dragon, Tosh is described as being truly massive in size, larger than that of any other dragon on Akavir or Tamriel. His wingspan is that of a small settlement, his head the size of a small home.  The eyes of the Dova are described as orbs of pure fire, in a sense these orbs almost radiate heat itself. Terrifyingly sharp scales line the body, complimented by sets of spines that protrude from his back and all the way down to his tail.  His coloring is orange, with flares of fire red here and there.  His mouth is chiseled with razor sharp, and massive in size, teeth.  Horns are also present on the beast, although they do not resemble that of Tosh as a Ka.  The voice of the behemoth is that of pure thunder.  It is said that a roar from the beast can be heard halfway across Akavir, although this is not neccessarilly true.   


Early Life

Using the Tamrielic-based calendar, Tosh Raka was born on the first of the Morning Star, in the 400th year of the third era, thus making him approximately 314 years old.  Tosh was born to Darcul Attu' and Veranuk Attu', two noble Ka who lived in a quiet village on the southern border of the great empire.  From birth, there was nothing notably special or unique about the child.  His size was normal, and so was his rate of growth.  He was raised just like any other Ka, where a strict yet inseparable bond was present in between him and his parents.  While his parents were very protective in his ways, they did encourage him to achieve true independence at the young age of six.  To do so, they no longer brought him food or water.  All they gave him was their home and unyielding love, the rest he had to earn on his own.  For this reason, Tosh learned how to hunt and work for his dinner from a very young age.  Preparing and cooking his catch soon became natural to him, and after a period of six long years, the young one was certainly on his way to complete independence.

Both Darcul and Veranuk never abandonded their child, although their advocation for self independency was a priority.  If the young one was suffering from illness, then they would gladly support him, making sure he had the proper care at a moment's notice.  But as soon as he became well again, they continued to pressure him into making himself something great.  Emotionally, Tosh truly appreciated everything his parents did for him.  He grew not to anger, not to fret, to even not worry.  The child came to a conclusion that no matter what he was faced with, he would find a way, a path to salvation and bliss.

Contact with the Tsaesci

At the age of twelve, Tosh began to meditate on a daily basis, usually within the far reaches of the wild.  Tosh was never taught how to meditate, or why, but this new habit was actually a result of his long and demanding hunting trips.  On these trips, he would often feel very lonely and secluded.  Although his expeditions had become a norm to him, personally, the young one could never quite surpass the feeling of sheer isolation.  Meditating allowed him to gain access to a previously unavailable state, a state of peace and well-being where isolation did not affect him.  Tosh meditated in a very simple manner: he would stand completely still, bow his head, and close his eyes.  From there he would have no problem in secluding himself from the world.  While those that witnessed this unorthodox method of meditation were intrigued, they often ended up leaving the youngling alone, as the Ka society was one of self-independence and growth.

But Tosh wasn't at peace for long.  His travels and expeditions often took him far from the safety Ka territory, mainly due to the fact that competing hunters weren't as prevelant in the southern and eastern border areas of the great tiger empire.  Tosh knew that these areas were often intruded upon by the serpents, vile civilized beasts that often failed to respect the nature and grace of the wild.  But Tosh often met success in these parts, so when he heard warnings of a Tsaesci expedition force impeding upon Ka territory, he payed little mind.  His growth and development was his number one priority, and he felt that if he met the serpent-men, he would gladly engage them in open combat, even if he was still a youngling. 

But he never had the chance to engage the Tsaesci, instead, the Tsaesci enraged Tosh by burning the southern forest lands, leaving them barren and devoid of wildlife.  Tosh was young, but he knew that the Tsaesci were most likely sending a message to the Empire, one of hostility and that they would not bow down to the great Ka.  From that point on, Tosh grew to slowly hate the Tsaesci, and everything they stood for.

Rise to Power

Tosh soon began to want change, to want difference.  His nation was not nearly as strong or empowered as it should be.  He felt the Tsaesci threats from the south would continue on unless something was done.