Tsaesci [Royal] Warrior

The Tsaesci (pronounced:Tsay-skee) are a vampiric race of snake-like humanoids that inhabit the deserts of Akavir and are most notable for their Egyptian style of architecture. The average Tsaesci is about 5 meters in length but "stands" at a height of about 2 meters with the remaining 3 (their tail) trailing behind them. Although the Tsaesci take slight variation in physical from one another (depending on their bloodline), their scales are typically gold in color and their heads resemble that of either a viper or cobra. Their past history reflects that of a harsh and murderous nature. They came to dominate Akavir by force and were for much of history a very significant force to be reckoned with. Fortunately for the other inhabitants of Akavir, their numbers began to dwindle due to a number of reasons and whatever was left of their race seemed to have vanished into all but nothing. It was only until recently that their numbers have began to rise and nobody can quite confirm the reason for this. All that is known is that the Tsaesci are coming back to reclaim what was theirs and because of this, all eyes have shifted to the seemingly barren desert for a possible reason as to explain the Tsaesci's sudden reappearance. When it comes to fighting, the Tsaesci uphold speed and confusion over brute strength; this means that their choice of armor and weapons reflect that fighting style accordingly. Their armor of choice will usually be a set of shoulder pads, arm-guards, and maybe a set of gloves/gauntlets, as for their choice of weapons, the Tsaesci will almost always prefer some one-handed sword-like weapon as their choice of arms.

Tsaesci Bloodlines

Tsaesci Royal

  • Tsaesci's that are a part of the Royal caste are the most powerful of their race and they have a stronger physical resemblance to snakes than members of the lower classes. Members of this caste are revered by other members of their race due to how comparatively "pure" their blood is; in other words, "The more snake-like (pure of blood) a Tsaesci is, the more of a Tsaesci he/she is."

Tsaesci Proper

  • Tsaesci of this caste have been bred with members of different races and have therefore took on less snake-like features. The Most notable of these losses is the complete removal of their tail and in it's are a pair of legs. These Tsaesci bare some resemblance to the race they have been bred with but for the most part, other than the legs, any other major physical changes are not readily observable; they still have scales and a snake-like head.

Tsaesci Common

  • This is the lowest caste of the Tsaesci race. Within the Tsaesci Common caste, members that have either been bred out of recognizable snake features or are completely foreign races that have somehow been assimilated into the Tsaesci way of life populate this class. It is not uncommon for the Tsaesci Common to assume the role of slaves within this race.


The Tsaesci are lead by a single ruler, one with huge autocratic powers. Whilst commonly referred to as a King, the proper title would be the native 'Baalkynaz' or 'Kynazer'. This is a title used to refer the rulers of the Tsaesci nation state throughout its existence as it has persisted among their collections of different titles. The Baalkynaz holds absolute power in that they can decree on any matter they wish. Although they have these powers to rule, they are usually focused on other pursuits and will delegate them to their subordinates.

Traditionally each Baalkynaz would have a sort of 'cabinet' of their favourites. They would hold different offices from which they could advise him or act on his behalf in matters of state. This includes his 'Steward' known as a 'Vizier', acting on day-day administration and public life. In many cases, a dominating Vizier has taken much of the power of state into his own hands and acts as the real power behind the throne, such as the rule of Chaok the Lame. Chaok's Vizier, Utticas had much of the Senile Tsaesci's inner circle executed on treason charges and influenced all aspects of the Baalkynaz's reign from then on out. Any diplomatic overtures were usually taken care of by 'Pesha', a position close to say the role of a Foreign Secretary. Military Matters, when unfit to be overseen by the Monarch were headed by a high ranking Military officer who would be given the title of 'Malict'.


Common worship among the Tsaesci revolves around their chief Diety, Akatosh. They know him as their Ancient Snake predecessor, 'Akara'. As such, Akatosh is seen in a different light by the Snake-people. In contrast to the Dragon based religions, worshiping their masters as intended, the Tsaesci identified with Akatosh as their deep ancestor rather than a supreme overlord. Whenever the Dragons were overthrown throughout Nirn, the Tsaesci were among the groups which ousted their masters, seeking to exterminate them completely and causing huge conflicts centuries down the line.

The Tsaesci saw the Dragons they had overthrown as a Corruption of Akara's legacy and sought to establish what they saw as the correct way of worshipping him. Alongside this, they believed Akara had interceded for to bring them the fortunes of freedom. This believe led them to go on to believe Akara intended for them to spread his faith throughout Nirn.

The official head of the Tsaesci Cult is their Baalkynaz. He leads their religious ceremonies from time to time, but his main role is performing customary sacrifices and event games when the time comes to do so.


The Tsaesci had generally the best documentation of their reign over Akavir, it should be noted however that it would be open to severe bias in order to glorify them.

As many races throughout Nirn, the Tsaesci were descended from one single people who scattered and became changed; the Ehlnofey. Specifically the Tsaesci find their Ancestors in a group of Ehlnofey named 'The Wanderers' from whom the Races of Men also emerged (Meaning that Tsaesci find a more recent common ancestor with Men than any other race). Adapting to the situation in Eastern Akavir they became the snake - like race they are today. They had been subjected to the Dragon lead Domination throughout Nirn however. For untold centuries they served as slaves to their overbearing Masters. This slowly instituted a hatred of anything Dragon-like in their collective cultural consiousness (Somewhat strange, given their similarities).

Whenever the opportunity presented itself they gleefully rose to proclaim their independence. They were one or the later races to due so, given their close proximity to the Dragon heartlands. Ancient Tsaeci religious scripture is the source of much of this history and such much is to be seen skeptically. As stated there, Akara gave appeared to the Tsaesci clans and inspired them to rise up against the Dragons who were corrupting his name.

There is conflict between sources over who actually lead the Tsaesci in doing this, but most accept the Noble 'Dur Haded' as the founding father of the Tsaeci nation as a whole, especially given his title as "Ba'l Tsaesci" or "Lord of the Tsaeci".

Dur Haded lead his people to prominence by first overthrowing the local Red Dragons who had long lorded over them. He gained increasingly huge amounts of support from the widespread Cult of Akara and spoke as the God's prophet with inspiration to all Tsaesci. The nation expanded from the shores of the East ane their desert, coming in contact with the native Akaviri humans in the South. These folk were quickly subjagated but managed to warn the other natives to ready themselves.