The Tsaesci Kingdom was a Akaviri Civilisation established from the ancient city of Asci-Deen. Founded in the Mythic Era, most of its Early Pre-Colonial history was lost to Scholars in the retreat and assumed extinction of the formerly glorious race. What is known however is that the snake-men overthrew their Dragon overlords to lay the seeds of a hegemoney which would in the coming centuries dominate Akavir. At the Kingdom's height, almost the entire continent had been subdued. Throughout its reign, the Kingdom functioned as a Major Hub of  trade and culture; Its Political dominance over the West of Akavir was absolute.

For much of its history the Kingdom was in a struggle with the Tiger-Dragon Empire or 'Ka Po'Tun' and Thousand Monkey Isles or 'Tang Mo' which lead to a series of conflicts such as the Zeng-fu Wars and the War for Shang Rai. The Kingdom had to also deal with Seasonal punitive Raids from the Kamal dominion and Irregular internal revolts. The Kingdom began to decline for a variety of reasons and by the outset of the War_of_the_Rising_Sands in the 4th Era, the Kingdom seemed to have vanished.

The concept of 'Jabrut' or Power had always been a significant feature in the Kingdom's internal power. The individual who clearly held Jabrut would hold Precidence over affairs. It could be easily attained in differing means however, leading to frequent purges of leadership.



The Kingdom's famed Navy in action

The first Tsaesci Monarch was a slave of the Dragon, like any other. Dur Haded is said to have been disillusioned by the state of his nation, in vassalage. Tradition alleges he raised a sizable force of Fighters, ranging from the lowest of slaves to those the Dragons had allowed to learn magic; the Magi. Whilst this may have occured, it is commonly accepted that similar to the Aylieds of Tamriel, the early Tsaesci seem to have called upon the Daedra to aid them. After Dur Haded's initial uprising, the Dova were forced out of Asci-Deen and it's surrounding area. Akara and his cult had been established even before the overthrow of the Daedra. As the Tsaesci began to consolidate their Domain however, Internal strife and fear of what lay outside lead to some calling upon Forces outside their plane for aid. Publically a system of Divine worship, not unlike those found in Tamriel was popular. Similarly, Akatosh in the form of Akara headed this pantheon alike the Altmer 'Auri-El'. Privately however, some of the Fledgling nobility began to worship various Daedric entities and make use of their benevolence to assert their own dominance. In this regard, Molag Bal became a popular deity upon the Tsaesci ruling classes, his servants being used to regularly clear out administrations in intensely bloody coups, reaping souls for their master far and wide. In this regard a powerful Dremora Valkynaz, described only as 'the Proud' took advantage of the volatile climate and instilled himself as the ruler of the expanding Kingdom. Souls were being reapt often, and Daedric helmed forces subjagating the surrounding populace at an ever increasing rate.

Fall of the ValkynazEdit

The Tsaesci allowed this small contingent of Dremora to rule in their steed for quiet some time. This returned some stability to Tsaesci internal politics, with most conflict being over who would be the Dremora 'Favourite' if it were in the Court. The Valkynaz had beaten back several invasions of Kamal and seeing a recurrent problem, began to place them under Tsaesci survitude. Attacks on other natives increased as the Lowland Kamalian planes were annexed into the Kingdom. Similar upheavals had occured by this point throughout Akavir to overthrow the Dovah, with most being Successful. Seeking to eliminate a potential Dovah Counter-attack, the Valkynaz began to hunt and exterminate Dragons in or near Tsaesci territory. When inroads where made into the Zeng-Fu plateau, the Akaviri Humans, a race of experienced Dragon hunters were incorporated into units to deal with the Dovah. These groups were the precursers of those such as the Dragon-Guard and eventually the Blades. 

Eventually however, Molag Bal's support began to wane (Possibly due to his concentration on bringing Nirn into Coldharbour itself). Without their Liege's support the Dremora powerbase began to crumble. Dis-satisfied Nobles began to band together to oust the Foreign Dremora who stagnated in their leadership. Eventually, the Nobles succeeded in driving out their newest masters, taking charge of their own destiny.

Interactions with TamrielEdit

The Tsaesci Kingdom has had the most interaction with Tamriel of any Akaviri nation. The serpent-folk once invaded Tamriel in 1E 2703, and survivors left a large cultural influence on the Empire. The Dragonguard, a group dedicated to dragon hunting, came to Tamriel from Tsaesci and played a part in the formation of the Blades. Many Tsaesci relics and ruins remain in Tamriel, and most citizens think of the snake-folk when speaking of Akavir.

The Kingdom was invaded by Emperor Uriel Septim V in 3E 288, who founded the Imperial Province of Akavir. The settlements of Septimia and Ionith, located along a large river surrounded by fertile fields, were captured and refounded by the Empire. Thousands of settlers were brought to Akavir, and a road was built connecting the two settlements. The invasion lasted until 3E 290, when the Tsaesci attacked the invading Legions, who were already weakened by supernatural weather. This resulted in the death of Uriel V and most of the invasion force. The natives reclaimed the land taken in the Invasion. Prior to the small few interactions had during the War of Rising sands, this was the last significant confrontation between Tamriel and the Tsaesci.