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Tsaesci Ruin

This is a list of the known Tsaesci Ruins, Dungeons, Shrines and Tombs (WIP)


This shrine is located in the Tsaesci desert and is a Humanoid sculpture. It is not Tsaesci by looking at its bottom half (Two legs). It might even be sculpted by Uriel V's army which is most likely. It looks like it would have held a sword making it possible to be a general in Uriel Septim V's army. In its wrecked base it has four skeletal remains of what might have been the Generals favoured men.

Notable loot:

  • Three Gold Coins
  • Two Bowls

Tseasci AltarEdit

This Alter is guessed to be Towards a Tsaesci god, The actual Altar has large traces of blood on it. This might be a sign of Tsaesci sacrafices. Very little is known around this area and this Altar is one of many dotted around the Tsaesci desert.
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Tsaesci Altar