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War of the Rising Sands

War of the Rising Sands


4E 226 - 4E 234


Western Akavir


Near extinction of the Tsaesci Race, Establishment of permanent Tamrielic settlements, Expansion of Ka Po' Tun territory.


- Tsaesci Kingdom - Hundreds of Noble clans

- Ka Po' Tun Military - Tang Mo Mercenary Militants. - Thanefellian Military


- Shikh of Deen - Thrin of Asci -

- Tosh Raka - Vidicus Marcus -


- 170,000 Tsaesci Warriors - 70,000 Tsaesci Bowmen - 4,000 Tsaesci Mages

- 200,000 Ka Swordsmen - 60,000 Ka Bowmen - 22,000 Ka Militia - 17,000 Thanefellian Soldiers - 9,000 Tang Mo Militants




(WIP by Reidster338) (Edits by Farcheal)

The War of the Rising Sands was a massive conflict that occurred between the Ka Po' Tun, the Tsaesci Kingdom, and to a lesser extent, the Thanefellian immigrants throughout the years of 4E 226 to 4E 234.  The conflict began over a territory dispute in between the Ka and the Tsaesci.  Due to miscommunication and multiple other issues, the territory dispute escalated into a full on war between the two Akavirian superpowers.  It would forever be known as the beginning of the end for the Tsaesci race, as infighting and civil unrest would contribute to the ultimate downfall of the great sand kingdom.  The name "War of the Rising Sands" was given to the conflict by the Thanefellians because it all started due to one simple error in expansion: Greed.  The war was ultimately regarded as "expected" by scholars, who claimed that the conflict between the greedy Tsaesci and the zealous Ka had been a matter of when, and not if.

The Beginning Edit

The Tsaesci had always strived for expansion.  Even before the Thanefellians announced themselves as an official and free nation, the Tsaesci had organized and carried out a plethora of military events in an attempt to claim land for their own.